Over the years I have been fortunate to be asked to make many videos for a large number of charities, NGOs and Not-for-profits. This humanitarian work has been some the most rewarding of my career. From International organisations like UNICEF to tiny charities. From 30-second CSAs (television commercials) to one-hour documentary films, I have been able to offer my professional services to produce work that, in many cases, the organisations simply could not have afforded otherwise.

The productions have also included training films, music videos and fundraising films. However, I think the most popular productions have been those that basically say “This is who we are, this is who we help, and this is how you can support us”.

Along the way, I have learned so much in my personal journey: about diseases of the body and mind; about social realities and, especially, about people. It has been my honour to help whenever I could. If you are involved in a charity or NGO – or, indeed, a corporation that would like to present a human face - I am very happy to create any audio-visual project for you at absolute cost price.

Martin Guinness


Special stories


Barnardos: “Katy has a Drug Problem”

Barnardos: “Thanks to Barnardos” - series

Barnardos: “Thanks to Barnardos” - series

“Thanks to Barnardos” - series


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Australian Diabetes Educators Association

Muscular Dystrophy

Organisations and

Breast Cancer Institute

Garvan Medical Research

Anglican Retirement Villages

Médecins Sans Frontières


National Breast Cancer Centre

Brain Injury association                                       

y association                                       

BCI Mates

Spinal Cord Injuries                                         


Sunflower Clinics

Ray of Hope – Longform version

Ray of Hope – Short version

The Cancer Council NSW – Clear Study

Schizophrenia Fellowship– Respite Services

Preadoptive Foster Care (Catholicare)

Youth off the Streets

Smith Family “Student to Student”

              Commissioned documentaries

Honouring Connections

(Catholicare – Open adoption)


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Section two - (Volunteer Rights & Responsibilities)

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Cancer Council Orientation Program DVD

I Will be a Survivor

(Breast Cancer Institute)